Join Parks and Rec for their hamburger fundraiser. September 22 from 11 am-2 pm. It will be held at 702 N. Main. $7 per ticket! Go support their great cause.

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September 22- Parks and Rec Hamburger Fundraiser!

Business of the Month

Hale Center Feed Yard is a Cactus Feeders company. 

They currently have 42 of the 800 employee owners of Cactus Feeders and are all dedicated to finding ways to produce more food, while using fewer resources at a lower cost. 

Cactus Feeders defines sustainability as the industry's capacity to feed a growing population indefinitely, but they are not just looking to sustain the current production practices. They believe in growing, doing, and becoming better everyday.

Cactus Feeders is in beef and pork productions with locations in Texas, Kansas, Iowa, North and South Carolina, and Georgia.

Their company mission is "Feeding A Hungry World: Family, Friends, and Neighbors." They dedicate their most critical resources to the animals in their care and the employees that care for them, with a goal of a finished product of high quality animal protein to feed hungry people. Their families are also consumers of their products. They want the best for their families and work hard each day to make sure the product they produce are safe and nutritious. Being able to share their story with their friends, neighbors, and the community is an important part of what Cactus Feeders is all about.